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External Workforce Management

The world of work is experiencing a shift in labor dynamics. Percentages of full-time traditional workers and non-employees is changing across industries, with an increasing number of people working as contractors.

So how do companies manage this growing pool of external workers? For most, it isn’t feasible to hire additional HR and procurement staff, so technology can be the answer. But all workforce management solutions are not created equally.

VNDLY’s external workforce management solution connects workers, suppliers, and staff in one easy-to-navigate platform. Providing greater agility and flexibility than legacy VMS tools, our system is designed to bring departments together, removing the barriers commonly found among various departments, program owners, managed services providers, suppliers, and workers.

We create individualized workforce management platforms, eliminating friction by providing streamlined, interactive dashboards. Companies can connect all spend for external labor into one source, regardless of category, contract type, or department. Having all resources managed in a centralized system also produces better data that can then be used to inform strategic short-and long-term planning.
Our algorithms, machine learning, and artificial intelligence help clients find the best candidates quickly, matching them with the right opportunities. This ensures better outcomes for clients and more satisfied workers. VNDLY’s proprietary Best Match Index (BMI) considers more than candidates’ resumes. Using hiring managers’ behaviors, VNDLY recommends the best candidates based on what’s most important to them, such as rate, skill, preferences or location.
In today’s market, finding the best candidates isn’t enough, so retention plans have to be more strategic. Workers have more options, so they want to know their value beyond a paycheck. Regular communication with current contractors and alumni keeps talent pools populated with workers who want to be associated with your brand.
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