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Contingent Workforce Management

Work Management

VNDLY is designed to provide a streamlined user experience with interactive dashboards, intelligent insights and improved productivity for everyone involved.


Designed for procurement executives, talent acquisition teams, suppliers and managed service providers to collaborate on the corporation's contingent workforce needs.

Machine Learning

VNDLY utilizes algorithms, machine learning and artificial intelligence to find the right candidates and match them with the opportunities.

Best Match Index

Through a proprietary algorithm, VNDLY's Best Match Index (BMI) is able to suggest the best candidate for an open opportunity. The algorithm considers more than just the candidate's application in an effort to

  • Do the heavy lifting for hiring managers by reducing the time required to sift through hundreds of resumes.
  • Create more satisfying work fulfillment for the candidate.

Automated Virtual Assistant

Our AI helper AVA (Automated Virtual Assistant) is available to assist managers with basic tasks through voice commands or searches within the application.