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VNDLY. Where suppliers become true partners with buyers

When companies use traditional workforce management technology, their suppliers are often left on the sidelines, not considered equal partners in the procurement process. At VNDLY, our technology provides suppliers with an easy-to-use interface that gives them the ability to provide top candidates to buyers within a company’s individualized technology platform.

Throughout the entire workflow, VNDLY’s technology provides suppliers with countless opportunities to successfully meet their buyers’ needs. Suppliers build profiles, aligning their candidates with all of the categories and locations you can serve.
Even before candidate submission, suppliers can use VNDLY’s mobile-friendly technology (no special app required) to participate in proposals, projects, and SOW-based opportunities. Real- time updates let you see into the process, providing objective feedback about how you’re doing when compared to the competition. Those same kinds of reminders also keep you clued in about other company activities relating to your supplier relationship.
At the outset, suppliers can upload resumes en masse; uploads are met with instant resume parsing – both contextual and semantic. Once candidates are in the system, suppliers can dynamically build candidate profiles in real time, adding new and pertinent information for buyers. And VNDLY’s software offers real-time visibility into a candidate’s progress throughout the entire procurement lifecycle, reducing the need for calls to buyers for updates.
It’s also vital that buyers see exactly what skills candidates have, without confusing sometimes- fuzzy differentiations on resumes.VNDLY recognizes worker history, quickly determining appropriate categorizations. Within that process, our software recognizes the difference among a candidate’s former employers, general skills, and company-based skills or certifications. If a candidate is a database programmer who has certification specifically from Company X, for example, our technology can recognize the skill and the company-backed certification, not mistaking it for employment at that company.
Interviews can be scheduled directly through the application after a company has identified a list of potential hires. Compliance features that work from submittal through onboarding ensure candidates are aligned specifically with the policies of the company considering them. Real- time checklist reminders, complete with embedded approval processes, keep every supplier compliant with each hiring company’s policies.
After successful hiring, VNDLY helps suppliers maintain successful contractor-buyer relationships. Expense management capabilities keep contractors aligned with individual company expense policies.Suppliers can even create expenses on behalf of their contractors. Invoicing can be automated, too, eliminating the need for reconciliation and reducing errors during payment cycles.
Analytics dashboards, along with standard and customizable reporting provide details that give suppliers the power to better-align with individual company needs. And the easily-configured user interface means more automation, greater process efficiencies, and fewer human errors, resulting in a better experience for everyone involved.

To learn how your company can benefit from VNDLY’s capabilities, email us today at